Zacklift Z453RTU Fifth-Wheeler (call in or email for quote)

The Z453RTU (Z403) Fifth-wheeler underlift is removable and has a 45,000lb rating, 147 inches of reach, it has a full 20,000 lb lift rating ALL THE WAY OUT!!!
The patented over-frame mounting will out-carry any underlift. More carrying ability means more revenue.

Edinburg Trucks as a proud distributor of Zacklift underlifts. We install what we sell and service what we sell!

Standard equipment: One pair each each; 1″ x2.5″ fork, Torsion bar Fork, 6″ x 6.5″ fork, 9″x4″ Fork, Chain fork slotted for 1/2″ to 5/8″ Chain, Multi positional receiver, 12 inch reach extensions and your choice of a 12 Volt power system valve, pump, motor, reservoir, lines and remote control, OR Electric over hydraulic valve, for use with existing PTO and pump. Includes lines and remote control.

(Stock photo used, truck not included)

Also available as a Stationary Mount with up to 45,000lb ratings ,call for Pricing.
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